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Saturday, November 12, 2011

72 pints

Got your attention, didn't I?

72 pints equals a firkin...
and in case you haven't heard of a firkin it's an old English unit of volume.

Blah Blah Blah right?

Well, what do you get when you have FOUR Firkins?

(The Best Damn) Beer Store in Minnesota.
That's. What.

Once upon a time, about a month ago, my amazing mother sent me an email (knowing I would be in the land of 10,000 lakes soon) linking me to the Four Firkins. I was in. I knew I had to check it out.

Fast forward two weeks...

St. Louis Park, MN

Of course, the visit to the BEER STORE had to be the first day of our trip. It was a must to stock up on the tasty and the delicious. Not only that, beer warms the soul.. and Minnesota is ccccccold!

My favorite thing about this store is the plethora of shelves containing single beers, organized by brewery, asking to be made into a personal six pack.

So many wonderful craft brews from the midwest to choose from, laced with a few great breweries from the East and West Coasts. 

They also had a mecca to the hop heads (a place I would have fallen head over heals for, literally, 12 months ago).

I could have spent close to a week in this store, just checking out all the beers...

but priority took over. (:D)

Growlers from (mostly) local breweries. 
Not available for purchase, but beautiful anyways.

I was happy (almost hoppy) to see beers from a larger craft brewery that I am not able to find everywhere (or in most cases... ANYwhere!)

I sure loved seeing beers that I haven't heard of, and can't find on the West Coast. 

So, I'm raising my glass and saying "cheers" to the Four Firkins. A beer emporium GEM just west of Minneapolis... and while I'm cheering... one more to my mother who directed me.


Check 'em out